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Kiwi Clack

PBT Keycaps (Pink, Black, Red, Green)

PBT Keycaps (Pink, Black, Red, Green)

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If you want an affordable and clean looking set of keycaps, then look no further!
These PBT Keycap sets have good quality dye-sub manufacturing. Come in an array of colours and has great compatibility. Will fit 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 1800 and Full size. 


  • PBT Plastic
  • Fits most standard layouts 
  • Comes in Burgundy, Green, Black and Blue/Pink with Japanese Sublegends. 
  • Has accent ESC and Enter (Reverse Dye Sub on these. Colours are lighter than rest of set)
  • The white is a warm white
  • Most photos are renders but are very colour accurate except the accent keys*
  • No alice support unless you split right shift, use a 2u left spacebar (and use shifts as spacebars) and have a different r1 key as second b


* Have tried to take real photos but they don't look accurate to product and I don't know how to photoshop

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