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Please read the description carefully as each product might be slightly different even if they look or have the same name. 

There are no refunds or returns for products in this category so please choose carefully. However, you are still protected by the CGA.

If you have any questions regarding items, please email epsilon@kiwiclack.com 

If you would like to us to sell any items on your behalf, we take a commission of 15-25% depending on the product and work required (discussed before item is listed)

Why let us sell on your behalf?
- No sale no commission
- No upfront fee
- More visibility
- We have a brand name and have a reputation to keep
- We do all the leg work, so you don't have to talk to buyers
- You might be moving or going overseas
- Doesn't take up room in your home
- Could be be a random box of stuff that we sort (so you don't have to)
- We work together to come up with a timeframe to sell and you can take it back after certain time period