Build/Repair Services

Would you like a build service or perhaps need some switches lubed? Is your keyboard playing up?

If so email or find me on discord epsilonkeyboards

-----> Build Service Form <-----

Here's an outline of the process to follow.

1. Gather all the necessary parts for the build - PCB, plate, switches, stabilizers (can be provided for a cost), keyboard case, keycaps (optional, will be used to test during assembly and for photos/media once board is built). Ideally, your switches should be ready for assembly: lube, switch film, spring swap, etc. Switch modding services are available only with keyboard builds and cost 50cents a switch.

If you don't have the parts you can purchase on this website (and remove shipping)

2. Ship all parts to me (Auckland). Your board can be built live on-stream or off the camera, at your discretion. If you would prefer to keep it private, please let me know.

3. Keyboard is assembled/disassembled/repaired.

4. Build service is $35 + return shipping to be paid for by client. Finished commission gets shipped back to you.
Switch lubing is 50 cents a switch. Service includes spring lubing/changing and filming if requested. 

No lead time is guaranteed, but if you have any time-sensitive demands, please contact me to discuss further. You can expect a reasonable turnaround time (avg. 2-4 weeks after arrival of ALL parts). Parts are returned in the same packaging in which they were received; I will not be responsible for any damage due to shipping or mishandling in transit.

If you have any questions or require any feedback or advice, - Discord at Epsilon#0192.