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Kiwi Clack

TX Stabs 2023 "Almost Perfect"

TX Stabs 2023 "Almost Perfect"

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Arguably one of the best stabs on the market. The 2023 AP edition has both 6.25u and 7u wire so you no longer have to choose between them. Also if you love using long pool switches, then grab the long pole option so your wires don't pop!


  • 10x Stab Housings and 6 wires
  • 4x 2u wires
  • 1x 6.25u wire
  • 1x 7u wire
  • 1 pack of stab stoppers
  • PCB Mount, clip ins. 
  • For 1.6mm PCB
  • Enough to fit TKL or smaller layout
  • Black Stabs only
  • 12 or 16mm
  • Choose long pole, if you using with long pole switches

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