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Kiwi Clack

Switch Sampler

Switch Sampler

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If you are unsure of what switch to get, try the switch sampler! You get to try linears and tactiles that come on a switch plate tester.

Please note that these can be subject to change as we change these as stocks change. Please read the description. Picture is just for reference. 

Option 1: 10 Switches (no tester plate)
Option 2: 10 Switches + Switch Tester Plate and 9 Clear Keycaps

Sample Switches Includes: (as of 6th July 2024)

Wuque Light Tactile (Tactile)
Cherry MX Black (Linear)
Gateron Melodic (Clicky)
Gateron Pureberry (Linear, mini long pole)
SWK Catmint (Linear, long pole)
HMX Hyacinth V2U (Linear)
HMX Xinhai (Linear, Long pole)
Gateron Deepping (Linear)
Gateron Yellow (Linear)
Haimu x Geon Silent Red (Silent Linear)
JWK Banana Split (Linear)

* Sorry no tactiles on here, but Wuque Light Tactile will be coming soon. 

** tester with switches is just to demo the switch plate. Those switches are not current **

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