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Kiwi Clack

Praxis IM Keyboard (Full Kit - Case, PCB, Plate + Stabs)

Praxis IM Keyboard (Full Kit - Case, PCB, Plate + Stabs)

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Immerse yourself in the next level of typing excellence with the AEBoards Praxis Injection Moulded Kit – a meticulously crafted kit that elevates the standard for Alice layout keyboards. 

Add 70 Gat Yellows for only $20 if you purchase the Praxis IM (unavailable on it's own)

Features and Compatibility

  • Top mount standard Alice layout
  • Aluminium Plate
  • Backwards compatibility with Praxis R1 and R2 (including case top and case bottom)
  • Alice Layout

Keyboard Kit Includes:

  • Blue or Purple Case
  • Black Anodised Aluminium Plate
  • Hotswap PCB
  • 5x Polycarbonate Staebies (stabilizers
  • 4x AE Rubber Feet

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