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Laser Ninja Keyboard Stands

Laser Ninja Keyboard Stands

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The latest revision of Laser Ninja's ever popular keyboard display stands.

Comes in frosted white acrylic.

Keyboard Stand (Single)
Tilt Angle: 30 degrees
Distance between legs: 20cm
Thickness: 6mm

Mini Stands
The Mini Keyboard Stand is designed for 40% keyboards and includes a extra middle piece so you can build it for macropads, numpads and holding up other small objects. Great for holding a phone horizontally, kinda works vertically.

It also holds larger 60% boards but heavier ones should go on the larger keyboard stands - their higher back will prevent heavy boards from slipping off.

Dual keyboard stands
Designed to display both boards fully - without the front board obscuring the one behind. Larger or taller boards will unfortunately cover the rear one but anything up to TKL should be fine.

  • Supports Keyboards wider that 21cm
  • No practical weight limitation (Tested with keyboards up to 7kg)
  • 6mm Frosted acrylic
  • Tool-less assembly

Comes in Alice, 60%, 65%, TKL
Approx 20x50x6mm

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