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Kiwi Clack

Knight Stabilizer (Swagkeys)

Knight Stabilizer (Swagkeys)

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These are the best stabs at this price point. It uses new silicon mold technology to reduce any ticking. Comes with both spacebar wires and has 5 sets of housings+stems. A better durock stabilizer at lesser cost. 
  • Each pack includes:

    • 6.25 wire x1
    • 7u wire x1
    • 2u wire x4
    • Stems x10
    • Housings x10
    • Washer and screws x10
    • Stabilizer Spacer (shim)


    - Based on a cherry stabilizer
    - Noise reduction patent application on stem and housing
    - Screw-in stabilizer using a new silicon double shot mold.
    - Since both the stem and housing are injection-treated,
    1. When the stem touches the housing,
    2. When the wires touches the stem
    It effectively reduces unnecessary sounds that occur.

    - Stems are rounded off to minimize interference with housing when in use.
    - The Long Pole version has a longer bottom length to reduce the gap between switch that has long stem (pole).

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