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[OP Shop] Jasper Cycle7 Keyboard

[OP Shop] Jasper Cycle7 Keyboard

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This keyboard has been built once (hotswap pcb). It comes with all the accessories it originally came with and includes an extra PCB. No issues with this board except the internal brass coverings are a little tarnished (normal, it's brass). The external polished weight still has original plastic covering. NO defects otherwise. 

Photos have a yellow tint to them, so show off the correct green colour that I see in real life. 

Keyboard Kit comes with 

  • Keyboard top and bottom case x1
  • Keyboard bag x1
  • PC Plate x1
  • Wireless Hotswap PCB x2 (1 has been used once)
  • Equalz V3 stabilizer x1 (unused)
  • Silicon Gasket Bean set x1
  • Silicon Gasket strip set x1
  • Dampener (under PCB) x1
  • Dampener (in between PCB and Plate) x1
  • Dampener (for bottom case) x1
  • Silicon plug set (for PCB cut) x1
  • Keyboard feet set x1
  • Type-c cable x1
  • 2 in 1 puller x1
  • Layout: WK/WKL


  • 70%/FRL (357x119x32.5mm) 
  • 2 ways of gasket mounted
  • 7° Typing slope
  • 18.20mm front height (not including feet thickness)
  • Anodization (5 Colors)/TKD Coating (7 Colors) for keyboard cases
  • Sandblasting finishing for internal weight
  • SS sandblasting

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